Life of an HR

Happy 1st Year To Me!

After a not-so-good experience with the previous immediate superiors I’ve had last quarter of 2014 plus a surprise little angel in 2015, end of 2016 was the start of my comeback in the HR field. It took a lot of guts to accept a supervisory position without me having a chance to be one before. Yes I had worked with teams and spear-headed some activities but having your own “assistant” and leading your own department were one of toughest challenges I had accepted that time. It’s like I’ve also made myself as bait, ready to be eaten by rude sharks anytime they want. I was bitten but never did I allow ‘em to eat me. NEVER.

Then there came creating policies and benefits for the employees. Too bad that my previous boss and I “were not on the same page” (as what she always says) that’s why I needed to leave and look for a better home. It was not a healthy environment as well because my integrity as HR was challenged. I could not take it anymore.

April 2016, I found PULP. I got excited when I realized that the “Dyosa” who interviewed me was the very same person I imitate whenever I sing “Pangarap Lang Kita” by Parokya ni Edgar. After the interview, I felt connected somehow because I love music (although the genres I listen to are mostly Pop, RnB and Hip-Hop). I was astounded that this company has already brought some of the artists I know and I got excited to be part of the team.

May 2, 2016 was my first day. It has been a year and it felt just like yesterday. My first months were not easy (as always) because a lot of people were expecting me to do this and that. It was also hard to implement new processes and change the old ways but as HR, I guess that’s one of the things you need to have, to be FIRM. There were times I felt like it’s me against the world but heck I care so long as the new rules I implemented were approved by the boss… it’s up to them to follow or not.

I was the BAD guy. I think I still AM for some but I value more the THANK YOUs from employees who APPRECIATE the changes I’ve brought (Special shout out to “her” who never failed to say thank you even for the grocery items she received last Christmas). I value the simple “thank you” from the President which I never expected he would actually say in front of many and how VP trusts my judgment for certain important things. More than the free concerts and other perks of being employed at PULP, I love my career because I do MATTER.

I dont know how long shall I stay but it amazes me that I survived a year! HAPPY WORKSARY, Tine! 😁🎈🎉


Random Things 2019

Hello 2019!

So I thought of reviving this blog site but I’m torn if this will just be my random musings or create a more sensible contents for each post. I’m definitely sure that I have to revamp everything! :))) I just hope my WordPress skills (lol) are still there to help me.

I’ll try to come up with a better post than this one but yeah… HELLO THERE! 🙂

For the LOVE of breastfeeding

Breastfeeding Week 2017

Every August, I get excited to celebrate Breastfeeding Week ever since motherhood hit me. I’m lucky that Philippines, DOH to be specific, continuously raise awareness of the said matter. Various seminars and activities are being held like the 5th Breastfeeding Congress happening in The Manila Hotel today and on August 5, the much awaited Hakab Na 2017 will also set a new record, expecting 2000 mothers with their children to participate in the Global Big Latch On.

And believe it or not, I even filed a four day vacation leave just to do matters in relation to Breastfeeding. HAHA! I feel like this is the right time to:

  1. Update my blog (which I am currently doing).
  2. Start doing and compiling my BFP Peer Counselors Training requirements.
  3. Get involved in Hakab Na 2017 event page and Breastfeeding Pinays Library like answering queries of attendees and be updated of course!

Hopefully I will be able to tick off those three by next week including my tasks as SAHM for four days! #BreastIsBest

For the LOVE of breastfeeding

Road to Certification

Thank God the little girl slept early that’s why I have some time to finally open the book I borrowed. I also need to catch up with my certification requirements because time is ticking real fast! 

For everyone’s knowledge, I am currently on progress to become a CERTIFIED Breastfeeding Peer Counselor. I have done attending a 2 day in depth and hands on training… Now it’s time to study! Study! Study! 

If you wonder where did it all start? Stay tuned. 😊

2017 Random Things

Hello World!

I remember way back the “universe-knows-when” when I first did my HELLO WORLD post. I was clueless on what to talk about but my fingers were excited to type. My mind was blank but there were random thoughts in my head.

Now? It’s the same feeling. I want a new abode where I can randomly write about anything (as always). Fashion, travel and food blogs are all over the internet but I do not want to pressure myself by restricting this blog to certain topics like those. First, I’m not really into fashion. Travel? Well not all the time. Food? Maybe but reviews of a certain restaurant perhaps will be more essential. I’m thinking… maybe mine shall revolve around Motherhood (Yes, I have an amazing daughter and partner), Careers (’cause I’m an HR), and my new passion, Breastfeeding.

I’m excited to this new blog of mine! It’s like an upgrade of my That blog talked about random stuff too but mostly about college life and petty dramas about love life. LOL. I believe I can talk more of sensible things. HAHA!
So see ya around then?